The #9to5Challenge

Is the first fully supported beginner and intermediate running programme and offers training for 5km, 10km and 21km distances.

All the programmes are designed to start you off slowly, building a proper base to achieve sustainable fitness. We don’t believe in just giving you the basics.  We want you to succeed, so we give you all the tools you need!

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The #9to5 coaches know how intimidating it can be to start running and so take a hands-on approach to getting you into completing your chosen distance.

Jeannie really understands what it means to be the change you want to see. Her philosophy to fitness and wellness is not only something she teaches it is something she lives.

Jeannie’s qualifications include a BA Humanties Degree (RAU), Personal Fitness Trainer (ETA), Crossfit Level 1 Instructor (Crossfit Int), Kettlebell Instructor (HFPA) and Life Coach (Results Coaching Systems).

“Strength grows in the moments when you think you can’t go on but you keep going anyway” -Karen Salmansohn

Realising the therapeutic value and psychological escape that running offers, Lauren believes running can be for everyone. She started running seriously in 2015 and has since competed in several races helping to grow her passion for the sport. Being fiercely competitive with others and herself means that she continuously improves her personal best times and is currently training hard to take on even longer distances.